made by @patriciamou_

disclaimer: I’m not a therapist. This is just a list of what has personally worked for me.

#1 Acknowledge and thank your past, current, and future selves for their input 🙏

They provided you guidance and protection at one time. They can all be true. They can all not be true. It’s okay to hold contrasting viewpoints in tandem and use careful discernment to pick the fruits of advice that are most relevant to you now. Look at them from a distance, but don’t merge your current sense of self with them.

#2 Get out of your head & into your body 🧠 → 🧘‍♂️

#3 Become aware of physical deficiencies 🌦

Are physical and largely external factors contributing to your current emotional state?

#4 Become aware of your mental bias’ 🤔

Are your past experiences biasing your current reaction?